First of all, a quick announcement: as many of you know, Hannah Field is leaving the University and thus the C19 Group. I would like to thank Hannah for her amazing contribution over the last two years. We will try to struggle on without her.

Second, as agreed collectively, we are trying out a 5pm Thursday slot for this year. We can keep this decision under review and change it the following year if needs be, but hopefully this new slot will lead to fewer clashes with meetings and other research seminars. Here are the C19 meeting dates for next year:


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Semester A


Week 1 (Thurs 24th Sept)


Week 5 (Thurs 22nd Oct)


Week 9 (Thurs 19th Nov)


Semester B


Week 2 (Thurs 28th Jan)


Week 6 (Thurs 25th Feb):


Week 9 (Thurs 17th March)


Week 11 (Thurs 14th April)


All meetings are 5pm in MC0024.