The next meeting of the interdisciplinary Nineteenth-Century Research Group will be a group discussion on the Manifesto of the V21 Collective. This will take place in MB1012 at 5.15pm on Thurs 25th Feb.


The V21 Collective claims that ‘Victorian Studies has fallen prey to positivist historicism’, the symptoms of which include ‘a fetishization of the archival’. The group seeks to redefine Victorian Studies for the Twenty-First Century.

The V21 Manifesto has been controversial (see, for example, this response from Martin Hewitt:, so please do come along to discuss its merits and demerits. Refreshments will be provided to aid the smooth flow of debate.

If possible, please read this page beforehand, including the comments at the bottom:

We will print out copies of the Manifesto, so there’s no need to bring your own unless you really wish to do so.