Boole colour

Our programme for the autumn term is now confirmed! All meetings will take place at 4.15pm in Room MB1013 of the Minerva Building (previously the Main Admin Building).

1 October: ‘George Boole on Robert Grosseteste’ | Mark Hocknull (History & Heritage)

5 November: Panel – Approaches to Materiality | Jim Cheshire (History & Heritage), Kate Hill (History & Heritage), Hannah Field (English & Journalism)

26 November: ‘Boosterism: Place Promotion and Provincial Newspapers, a Lincoln Case Study’ | Andrew Jackson (Bishop Grosseteste)

Please contact me or Owen if you have any questions. Tea and cake for those who can make it, and – in case you were wondering – the pensive chap at top is George Boole, the illustrious Lincoln-born mathematician who is the subject of Mark’s paper on 1 October.