Graduate Profiles

Please see below for information on some of the PhD candidates working on nineteenth-century topics in the College of Arts here at Lincoln:



Grace Harvey (English & History)

Title: The Politics of Homosocial Friendship and Sociability in the 1790s English Jacobin Novel


Profile: My research examines the representation and significance of homosocial friendships within the fiction of the English Jacobin novelists throughout the 1790s, specifically Robert Bage, William Godwin, Thomas Holcroft, and Charlotte Smith. My thesis seeks to query how the word friend is often interchanged, or substituted, for other relationships, including teacher, patron, brother, colleague, husband, father, and so forth. Further questions will address how these relationships have subsequently been politicised with a specific focus on the nature and structures of power within these varying dynamics. I also intend my research to discuss the significance and influence of literary and political networks throughout the 1790s, with the political position of these writers grounding the research.

Supervisors: Amy Culley, Chris Marlow, and Ian Packer



Ben Perkins (English)

Title: The Treatment of the Non-European Subject in the Poetry of Tennyson


Twitter: @TheTalkingOak

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Profile: I am a part-time first-year PhD student studying the treatment of the non-European subject in the poetry of Alfred Lord Tennyson. My main interests in this field are the poet’s attitudes towards the British empire, race, and world religions. I previously studied at the University of Sheffield for a BA in English Literature and an MA in Nineteenth-Century Studies.

Supervisors: Rebecca Styler and Owen Clayton